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Post Christmas details
After a sweet Christmas breakfast, Chris and I headed down to Tri-Bel park for a little bit of skating. It has been so warm here, the ice was a bit mucky, but with kids playing a game of shinny and toddlers with new skates and doting parents: it was all so lovely!

That night, we had a whole gaggle of folks over, including Paul, Sam, Karlen, Sarah, Kate, Yvonne, Mike, Josh, Rich, Elana, Joey. Much fun and reverly was had until I passed out on Chris's shoulder and prompted an exit en masse at 2am.

The next day we headed to Kingston with Amy, Drew, and Emily. The ride went quickly. The sun was bright and we made up songs the whole way. you know when you laugh hard, and your body says: Yeah! and you think: when did I laugh this hard last time?

Got to meet Chris' mom and grandfather, hang out with his Dad and his Dad's wife and kids, sit in a hottub on Howe Island (sp?) and watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for the second time (still gobsmackingly gorgeous ).

Last night at Sarah's mom's place, Sarah G.D. cooked up a feast and I got to hang out with all her mom's buddies who were a giggly bunch of ex-hippies and great storytellers who significantly abated my fear of middle age.

But today. Oh, today, what can I say? My office is closed for 10 days, so I took some temp work at a mailroom in an insurance company. Sub-basement with flourescent lights. No radio or internet access. Data entry for eight full hours. Hunch-backed mail sorters who muttered incoherently. It was the least-alive place I have ever been. I kept welling up with tears of self pity and so much dumb anger.

And I am a horrible snob for looking down on this life, and a spiritual infant for not getting more out of this experience. So today, I cried a bit when I got home, and thought about going back to school again, if only to safeguard myself against a life sorting mail in a sub-basement with staticy carpets, the smell of print ink, and people who shuffle around the workplace like mental patients in behaviour modification therapy.

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