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Happy New Year from 'Bernac, Bette, and Duvall

This is 'Bernac. He started a punk band in 1979 called Bad Bert that spawned the international hit "Pins and Needles". He is a straight-edge punk (no drinking of drugs), who had a brief flirtation with Scientology before opening a cupcake shop in Rimouski.

This is Duvall. He likes to smoke Dumaurier Ultra Lights and drink Labatt 50. He dated Tanya Harding in high school, but dumped her when her ambition started to make him look bad. He likes to pull his pants down whenever possible, though we are not sure if he likes to show off his package or if he simply does not like pants.

This is Bette. Bette grew up wealthy after her father won Lotto Quebec. By the 12th grade she was reduced to penury, largely due to her father's continued obsession with scratch-n-wins. When not location scouting for David Cronenberg, she does translation work for the CBC. She drinks Dubonet exclusively and smokes Matinee Extra Milds.

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