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100 things
I got this idea from here and from Lisa May, and Robot Johnny.

1.When I eat mints, I sneeze.
2. I usually sneeze in 3's.
3.I have horrible penmanship.
4.I believe that in my lifetime, the world will experience a massive global, environmental catastrophe.
5.I once babysat ostriches.
6.I avoid wearing labels.
7.In Grade 6 was the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. I got braces 2 weeks before the performance.
8.I like to make up stupid songs that annoy people.
9.I used to be famous in elementary school for writing rhyming poetry.
10.I cannot tolerate chapped lips on myself or anyone else.
11.I like to mess with the acne of my loved ones.
12.I went to weight watchers in the 10th grade.
13.When people get sick a lot, I want to change their diet.
14.I believe in wholistic medicine, but homeopathy has always seemed flaky.
15.I used to have a Siamese fighting fish named Stardust.
16.My first rock concert was Kool and the Gang.
17.I have two older sisters
18.Eggs repulse me.
19.I never eat hot dogs or fast food
20.I love to cook big, extravagant meals for my friends.
21.I am a food snob, and I judge people who eat poorly.
22.I do not know how to drive.
23.Until 1995, I had read everything written by: Michael Ondaatje, Milan Kundera, and Alice Munro. I only continue to love Munro.
24.I get really frustrated when people don't take responsibility for their actions/moods, and the way they affect other people.
25.If I ever get married, I want a pirate to conduct the ceremony.
26.I secretly love the Star Trek franchise. My favorite episode was when Picard lived a whole lifetime in the space of five minutes after he was hit by a probe.
27.I hate pre-fab pubs populated by men in khakis playing trivia.
28.I would like to be a better listener.
29.I do not eat pork, but it is not a religious thing.
30.I eat shrimp, but not scallops or lobster.
31.When I was really small, I used to crush ants and chase birds.
32.When I was a kid, I loved playing sports with the boys, but I got discouraged too quickly by the kids who were naturals.
33.I try not to compare myself with other people (with varying degrees of success).
34.I have been told that I am spacey/spaced out.
35.Four different people have told me in writing that knowing me was "like a dream" but I am not sure if that is a good thing. It is, however, a weird thing.
36. I have a hard time maintining eye contact.
37.I am situationally shy.
38.Dairy makes my stomach unhappy.
39.I wish I were a sporty outdoorsy person
40.I hate the descriptions: ugly, disgusting, and evil.
41.When I am feeling crappy, reading poetry makes me feel much better.
42.I am a horrible slob, but I hate dirt.
43.I keep thinking that the right amount of accessories and storage containers will make me an organized person.
44.No one is allowed to put anything inside my bellybutton. Ever.
45.I used to think that interfaith unions were a bad idea because they diluted culture and caused us to lose our histories. I now think it is more complicated than that.
46. I can't stand bad User Interface, and have strong opinions on the matter.
47.I can't read maps.
48.I can't follow dance steps, though I used to love to go dancing.
49.I went to three different Zionist/Jewish summer camps.
50.I think you can be a lefty and a Zionist.
51.Talking politics with competitive, aggressive people gives me a stomachache.
52.I don't think you can begin to understand a place until you live there.
53.I hate marches/parades.
54.Summer makes me sad because it feels like the countdown to winter.
55.I hate that I hibernate in winter.
56.I find hamburgers and French fries incredibly soporific.
57.I am a word geek, but not a good one.
58.I use a mac at home and a pc at work.
59.I am addicted to caffeine.
60.I like espresso with hot milk.
61.I drink lots of peppermint tea
62.I think I come from a dysfunctional family.
63.I bum cigarettes occasionally, even though I have very publicly quit.
64.I used to get lots of nosebleeds as a kid.
65.I was teased off and on as a child and maybe that made me a better person even though it chipped away at natural confidence.
66.Mean kids still scare me.
67.I used to win the award of excellence every year at Hebrew school.
68.I vote for the NDP because I want them to be official opposition.
69.I am embarrassed by how much credence I give to astrology.
70.I am a typical Aquarian
71.I hate labels.
72.I am a feminist
73.I wish I were a novelist, but I have poor self-discipline and my inner voice, if indulged for too long, starts to sound tinny.
74.My love of computers came as a complete and utter surprise in my late 20's
75.I love to ride my bike on summer nights.
76.I know all the words to Dylan's "visions of Johanna"
77.I used to memorize poetry.
78.I have a creative writing BA
79.I hate it when people eat behind my head.
80.I used to play the flute, the guitar, the ukelele, and the piano, but stopped when it became clear I was not a prodigy.
81.I am a terrible waitress.
82.I wish I had a mentor.
83.A few of the times I've stuck up for people, I got in trouble that was proportionately worse than the injustice I was defending.
84.I often think about how I need to stick up for what I think is right more often, but my sense of "right" is not static.
85.I was born in Vancouver.
86.My great uncle harry died in 1918 in Vancouver of the Spanish Flu.
87.My personal history is populated by unreliable narrators.
88.I tend to put people on a pedestal.
89.I often make inappropriate, judgmental slurs against actors, and I am aware that it is a prejudice.
90.I can sleep anywhere, anytime, almost instantly.
91. I have a whole, secret repetoire of silly dances.
92.I am apparently not aware of how much I flirt.
93.I wore a school uniform nearly every year of my life until the age of 18 and I think that is ridiculous when people find uniforms hot.
94. I had bad bacne all through highschool.
95.I only wear cotton underwear.
96.I like funny stories about poo.
97.I have never been stung by a bee.
98.If I don't like the music, I simply can't dance.
99.I often have stains on my clothes.
100. I originally set out to write a list of 25

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