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zombies, larb and long island ice teas
We went to Liz and Ian's last night for dinner. They live right next to Kiff's old apartment, so we could see his back deck from where we were. Why do old haunts seem so - uh - haunted?

We had curry turkey burgers (thanks, Tanya, for linking up the recipe!) except with chicken cuz ground turkey is hard to come by at the local 'fresh obsessed'.

Our newly-engaged hosts made us papaya salad (yay spicy fruit!), larp (crumbled thai beef with bbq sauce wrapped in lettuce) and Long Island ice tea, a drink I have not enjoyed since before I was legally premitted to enjoy it.

Before we left, Ian pulled up some pics of him dressed as a zombie for Land of the Dead.

I sent them this message this morning:

I am not sure whether I should blame Ian's zombie pictures so close to my bedtime or the eccessive amounts of larp, but I had this epic dream last night wherein I was persuaded to become a zombie and live in this intentional Island community.

Becoming a zombie was not that difficult. There was none of that messy brain eating (braaa braaaaaa), but a pay-what-you can cafeteria with an assortment of delicious food. It was like hippy-zombie summer camp.

Among the perks of being a zombie were that I could smoke and indulge in bad habits with no health reprecussions. The bad part was that I was in a bit of a mental fog (long island ice teas, anyone?) because, well, I was undead.

Which is kind of how I felt this morning. Being a zombie is not all it's cracked up to be.

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