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Just a few worries that go through my head these days
I am still reading the news, books, watching movies, living my life outside of the sphere of pregnancy, but I can't seem to keep my head from filling up with the following concerns:

We are never going to find an apartment before the baby comes. There are no decent apartments to be had in the neighbourhood I want to live in.

I keep forgetting to do my kegel exercises. I should be doing my kegel exercises.

I am going to be bored to death on mat leave. By the time I go back to work, I won't have a job anymore, because my position will be made redundant.

The baby didn't kick as much today as it did yesterday. Clearly, I have broken the baby.

I don't have the linea negra yet. Everyone else gets it. Why don't I have it yet?

What if I catch a supervirus at the hostpital when I go to give birth?


I never remember to take my prenatal vitamin, and this will ultimately harm me and the baby.

Stretch marks. I need the right cream to prevent stretchmarks.

Once the baby comes, I will only be able to talk about the baby. I will become one of those people you dread sitting next to at dinner parties because all they can talk about is parenthood.

I am the worst in my prenatal yoga class. How can I think I will give birth naturally when i can't even bear to hold my arms in the air for more than 10 seconds in warrior pose?

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