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Eleven Things
Happyrobot turned 11 this week. In internet years, that's kind of like finding an an ancient stone arrowhead still in use for hunting. The happyrobot veterans who have been hanging out on this little corner of the web for the past decade have been through a lot. We've become friends on friendster. flickr. orkut.  facebook. twitter.  And while we dabble with other platforms, we've always come back to hang out here. It's our third place. Our pied de terre. There's no place like happyrobot.

I have been writing this pony blog on happyrobot for almost 10 years now, and while  I poke around on facebook, twitter is kind of where I put notes for future blog entries. What, with life being so ass-kickingly busy, I don't have time to write as much as I used to, but here are 11 tweets from the past 11 weeks that I would like to give a little water to and make into a blog entry of their own one day.  In no particular order:

Moving your blog to facebook would be like selling your cd at starbucks

Wormholes are the calamine lotion of Sci Fi plots.

Is there a female equivalent to the Jeff Bridges/Mickey Rourke aged actor comeback role? Can you think of one?

G wants to know whether birds get the hiccoughs.

Annoyed by the kind of person who's really into the currency of intimacy. Always trying to imply they have been through SO MUCH with 'X'.

Remember the time the kid shat his pants in Chinatown & we abandoned his shark underwear in the trash? Any chance we can forget that one?

'09's annoying one-liner was "seriously????seriously." 08's was "good luck with that". What catchphrase will inundate conversation in 2010?

Chris says we should cut out restaurants for year of frugality. How else is our son going to learn how to order?

Being called a "yummy mummy" is about as flattering and appropriate as being told "you're smart - for a girl"

December 26. Happy anniversary to my divorced Mom and dad. 'tis truly national day of Buyer's Remorse.

Quinoa salad with craisins is the new 3-bean salad potluck staple

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