Oh, Cruise Ships
Back in 2006, we were in Hawaii and happened to stay in a town that was a cruise ship port. I didn't know much about "cruising" then and was shocked (ironically) by the number of art galleries selling atrociously cheesy art.
It was unreal.

Last week we got back from two weeks of traveling, most of which involved time on a cruise ship with Mrs. Robot's family. On the cruise ship, they had an art gallery. They also did two auctions to sell off some of the fine art they had been collecting. The art, for the most part, was super lowest common denominator stuff (although I will have to give the "cruisers" credit: as we walked by the auction they didn't seem to buying up a lot of the art).
Here's an interesting article: Confessions of a Park West Cruise Line Art Auctioneer

There was also a guy who did an hour long "History of Art" presentation. We strolled past just as he was mentioning David Hockney (who I kind of dig) and the big selling point of David Hockney was that he was British but now lives in California. No mention of his work or his style or anything. He lives in California now. That's all you need to know.
Sidenote: even though I like the work of Mr. Hockney, if you are doing a one hour history of art, is he really that important in the grand scheme of things? What did he say about Caravaggio?

Here were some of my Cruise Ship Art Gallery Favorites!


Is that Fabio?
I think it is Fabio. Fabio will love you a long time.

Actually, this one is pretty great. I might actually hang it on my wall. Chicken wedding?

On the cruise ship channel on the TV, we saw their series "Behind the Artist". It featured this guy - his name escapes me. I know this will be a shocker, but he lives in Vegas and looks like Cris Angel.

Also, note that there is a Champagne Art Auction TODAY!

I don't have any issues with relief sculptures (apart that they make me thing of Han Solo). Who wouldn't want lovers embracing in relief on their wall? 

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