Hola Pacific Northwest
I’m slowly unpacking and getting over the jet lag a week or so after our trip to the Pacific Northwest (the jet lag is a just a joke (it’s an ongoing conversation Mrs. Robot and I have been having where I think that the time zone difference between EST and PST barely qualifies as jet lag)).

What were we doing there? Mrs. Robot’s mom (my robot-mom-in-law) took the entire family (9 of us) on a cruise up to Alaska. Crazy.

Hola Seattle
Our cruiseship departed from Seattle. We didn’t do a lot of stuff in Seattle, apart from looking at the market where they throw the fish around (and also make pretty tasty samosas) and eat cherries. I’m not going to pretend to know anything about Seattle except that they have a lot of homeless people (west coast wtf) and their city founders were apparently idiots as we learned on the ‘underground’ tour of the city.

OK. This is what was really awesome in Seattle (apart from the cherries and the ability to eat salmon all day):

The Art of the Table
7:25pmMrs. Robot, being a fancy television producer who has sent teams of camera crews around the world, was in charge of organizing everything for this family trip. Not to delve into the crazy family planning hurdles she had to contend with, but it turned out to be one of the hardest projects she has worked on. When we arrived in Seattle with the family relatively intact, she and I celebrated with a dinner out.

The Art of the Table. This is a small restaurant in a little residential area north of the city. They have maybe 15 tables and do one seating per evening. We were seated at the community table with a bunch of nice folks including the father of the chef who was in town visiting.

Three courses plus dessert and most everything was locally sourced. I took no photos for some reason but they have great photos on their site.

First: Snow pea panna cotta, morel mushrooms, asparagus, pancetta, cheese crisps (paired with a Soave Classico (a white Italian wine)).
The snow pea panna cotta was crazy good, but what was even better was the cheese crisp.

Second: King salmon, Punjabi cabbage, grilled zucchini, cucumber, curry vinaigrette (paired with Beaujolais).
Salmon with Indian influence. The cabbage and salmon were delicious and I could have drunk the curry vinaigrette by itself.

10:36pmThird: Duck leg confit, lentil-potato hash, Treviso, arugula-pepita pesto, cauliflower (paired with a Priorat (a red Spanish wine))
Lentil-potato hash was delicious. The duck was even more so. I think I stripped all the meat off the bone.

Last: Valrhona chocolate brownie, strawberries, vanilla ice cream (paired with a Banyuls! (a lovely fortified wine from France))
The vanilla ice cream shined. The chef had been working on that recipe for apparently a long time. Good golly it was good.

Our reservation was at 7pm and we ended up drifting out of there around 11pm. Took a cab back to our hotel and slept like big fat babies.
Wonderful evening.


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