On my i-Zune, I have playlists set up by year so that I can quickly listen to a complete year of music whenever the mood strikes.
“I want to relive 2008! To the Zune-Pod!”
Over the past week or so I have been listening to the 2010 playlist and started realizing that 2010 was a pretty solid year for music; especially if you are into middled-aged indie rock hip hop electronic dinner party music. Or as the kids might say, “cool dad” music.
I also realized that 2009 was kind of the opposite, at least on my Zune-Pod. I hit skip a lot on 2009.

Stu was all like, “well, if you think 2010 is hot snot, why don’t you make a list of the hits of 2010, that is unless you are cold boogers”.
Oh, Stu. So colorful.
I began going through the hits of of 2010 and realized that while it was all quite rocking and good, there was nothing earth-shattering that you wouldn’t get from the ‘best of’ list in Rolling Stone or Red Book or PitchFork. But, damn. Stu asked, so I gotta do it.

My faves of 2010 in no particular order.
(make sure you read Eric's post which is a lot more interesting)

I like his new album, but I kind of don’t like half of the tracks, so unlike PitchFork, I’m not going to say it’s my favorite album of the year. I also have a real issue with the album version of my favorite song of the year ‘Runaway’. The sample they added pretty much destroys the song (IMHO). The version I have was the pre-release stuff he was putting out on the web and I like it much better.
Once my Zune-Pod got stuck on that song and I didn’t mind it played like ten times in a row.
This may be my favorite song of the year.

Arcade Fire
A lot of smarter people seem to have an issue with this album for not being Arcade-Fire-y enough for them. I don’t know. Feel free to debate that amongst yourselves. I really love this album. I think I like it more every time I listen to it.

Four Tet vs LCD Soundsystem
They aren't really that similar, but they always seem to show up together on my play lists.
I like both of the albums they released this year. Also, note that the ‘Drunk Girls’ video is awesomes. No, really.

The New Pornographers
I like “Together”. I think I like it better than the previous one. My favorite song title has to be “If you can’t see my mirrors” and I like that song even though it’s by the other guy. Whatshisname? Dragon Fly? Dracula? Destroyed?
Then there is “Crash Years” with thier fine whistling.

Sharon Jones
Damn. She is good. We saw her in concert (actually, really only heard (it was crowded)) and she was awesome live.
I can’t believe you don’t own this.


The Like
I think all the kids like them. I like them.
The Like - Release Me by downtownmusic

This is a great Spoon album. Trouble comes running.

Oh, we can’t forget the Superchunk. Like Spoon, this album was a great Superchunk album.
SUPERCHUNK - Digging For Something

Band of Horses
Infinite Arms
Oh, Dilly. MattyJ complains about the Band of Horses because he says all their songs sound the same. He’s probably right, but the songs are nice, so I’m not complaining.

Decoration Ghost
The Haze of Wine and Age
This is the rock.


The Hives
Tarred and Feathered EP
They are so sweet. This EP is all cover songs (I mean, of course I knew that.. um).
“Early Morning Wake Up Call” could be my anthem for the year.
Listen to it here!

Dylan Campbell
One Hundred Years EP
I didn’t really like the new Sufjan Stevens album that came out this year. This EP features banjos and awfully clever songs. I keep thinking that Dylan Campbell is a friend - his name is so normal sounding. 
You can download this EP for free! Do it.

That Interpol album. Holy moly. I disliked it so much, it’s just been removed from my internet machine.
The National. Meh.
The Das Rascist album vs. The Girl Talk album: I like both of them quite a bit. In places. But, kind of like the Conway West album, there are moments of brillance that are followed by moments of things not that brilliant. Un-brilliant things.
The last Sufjan album... meh.

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