Everyone is drunk
The past two days it seems like the trains are full of drunk people. Wednesday night I said, "F' work!" and left early.
(of course, I didn't really say "F' work!" and my boss had already left early himself - I'm a rebel)
When you leave early, you get stuck on the train with the professional clock punchers - those office people who run out of the building right at five so that they can get home and watch Wheel.
I'm getting off topic.

Here I am, slammed into a train with every Johnny Jeopardy in town and there's this drunk smelling (yes, he *smelled* drunk) man and his pregnant wife (who was either drunk or on the crack).
Then again, she could have just been comically fat. We'll never know.

Drunk man starts looking around the train and tells his lovely lady friend, "Look! They are all artists on this train".
She kind of nods.
"See, look over there. There's one" - he points to a guy reading a book (artistically I believe).

"There's another. And another"
Then he points right at me and identifies me as one - as I stand there with a friggin tie on and fancy pants. Artist? Me?
Sure, in college I was either covered in clay or developer, but now? Not really.

He's all riled up about all the artists, which I believe is his not so veiled way of saying, "lookit all the white people".
But, the whole ha-ha part is that as I am trying to get off, he turns to her and says, "Artists. They're everywhere these days. But, you know you have to watch out for? The architects."

Robot Journal entries that I have written and then erased

1. Welcome to the world, nephew.
I thought about writing a letter to my new nephew with the whole premise that his father did all this crazy stuff when he was a teen and that thinking that his parents are going to be clueless would be a bad idea - basically "your dad was a hellion".

It just didn't work, from a writing POV - and I didn't want to get yelled at in 2020 when he uses future google and finds the post. "Dad, uncle robot said that when you were my age you had already killed a man in Reno".

2. I'm so bored.
Recently I have been bored with my job. But no one wants to read that, so I write it and then delete it. 

Penny Levine.

Quick Items
1. Google Maps: I was talking to MattyJ the other night and he was saying that the day Google Maps came out must have been the worst day ever for MapQuest. Not only did Google release a map service that blows anything MapQuest has ever done out of the water - but Google isn't even in the mapping business.
Good riddance MapQuest.

2. Bloglines bought by that stupid Ask Jeeves: I love Bloglines. It's that browser based syndicated feed reader thing-a-ma-jig. First, I didn't even know Ask Jeeves was still in business (apparently they are big in the UK). Second, I hope they don't go screwing up Bloglines.

3. New computer: My new robot is doing well - it just sits there running smoothly for literally weeks on end. Last night I made my first DVD. Oh, and I don't mind XP nearly as much as I thought I would, but that's probably due to my going with the traditional windows 'classic' interface instead of the retarded wannabe OSX theme that is the default in XP.

Questions posed to me during a long chat I had with our dry cleaning guy
How long have you been in NYC?
Why did you leave NC?
It's quiet in NC, right?
Why did you leave NC?
When did you get married to your wife?
Do you have children?
Why did you come to NYC?

Kristen Martin: The most popular girl at the dance
At my birthday dinner the other night, I heard the following sentence: "Solstice is the single best thing on happyrobot right now".

I don't want people to think that I love one more than the other, but it is nice having Kristen back.
(I like that learning to fall a bunch, though)

The dry cleaning guy, part II
We once ran into him at Otto Tootsi Plohound shoe palace. The funny thing is that we don't know his name - and we have been going there for so long that I feel weird saying, "Old friend, what is your name?"
But we know his infant daughter's name. She's a cutie, in the patootie way.

We should party with them.

Buttered Rolls
Eric (W) is making a phone ringtone of this song: Sex in the Kitchen by R. Kelly.
Eric (S) pointed out how great the lyrics are (and by "great" I mean "WTF").

Sex in the kitchen over by the stove
Put you on the counter by the buttered rolls

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