Love Stinks Rejects
There is a little feature here on happyrobot called "Love Stinks" where people submit stories about getting dumped and breaking up and all that jazz. It hasn't been updated in a long while, but that doesn't mean people aren't submitting stories - it's just that the stories have generally stunk.
Sorry people.

Stories that don't have Charles Bronson or monkeys or robots or marauding cougars involved in the breakup aren't really interesting.

In honor of Valentine's Day, I present:

Rejected Love Stinks stories


just today, I was in my class, and the girl Iwas going to send flowers to this valentines day ups and says,"John, I heard about the roses, and I don't want them, you should get your money back. I haven't even asked her out yet, can you believe it?!? I am glad she was honest, but at least get the flowers before you complain!!!

dumped over respect!!! <3
I went out with this guy for 2 months and then all of a sudden a guy walks up to him right in front of me and says "yeah Nic u can do better than her" and then my boyfriend (now ex) said "yeah I know i can" I freaken flipped out!!! i can't believe after that long he could say that!!! o well i just wanted some respect from my boyfriend is that too much to ask!!!

Cute Boy
well his name is anthony and he is in my school he is very fit well he is a shrimp but i can deal with that,he likes footie and he kinda likes playing with girls i think when he laughs he fanceys that person ovouisly not a boy or some one beating him up and he is laughing i mean if he smiles quite regulary i mean he does he stands on my toes alot and he gets me soaking wet not in a mean way were only playing like.tommorow the big change is gonna happen can any one guess what it is !!!!!!!!!!!??

One month later
! A week or two after that, I was talking to him on instant messenger again, and then I had to leave cuz i was going to a movie with a friend (the same one i ditched at the basketball game), and he said, don't leave me i need you, and i felt bad, but i still went to the movie. When I got back, his MSN name was , "i need my girlfriend back"....and then one of my friends told me that he had started going out with his ex-girlfriend. It totally crushed me, and even now-1 month later, it's all i ever think about.

Seven times the lady
i thought nothing would break us up. But thats where i was wrong. He broke up with me, he told me he had feelings for someone else. The first break-up wasn't a big deal for me, but a week later he asked me out again and told me it was me he loved. so i agreed. This happened about 7 times untill i finally got fed up. so he dumped me again.

Very crazy, indeed
The guy that dumped me had be liking me since last. And the next year, we started to go out. Only a week later, he breaks up with me!!! Isn't that some crazy stuff???

i've just been run over by an ambulance (the type of vehicle that's supposed to save lives)

she found a one better than mine but i had the buss.
to support the lag.i was a millionare but she said her
parents want a poor me,got dumped.

Actual ending

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we have always integrated buttered rolls into the love making process farewell crazy ass dogs

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Rejected Love Stinks stories

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