Wine Club February
(and by February, I mean March)
February was a tricky month for planning wine club - take my word for it.
Hey, it's the one year anniversary of Wine Clubbe.

I hope people have enjoyed it. You should make your own - it's pretty dang easy. I suppose the only thing you really need is a desire to drink wine.

This month was the fine sparkling wine that comes from the Champagne region of France using the method of, what the kids call, the Champagne method - which in French is "Methode du shoppe Champagney".

But, seriously.
Champagne. We did sparkling wine last year, and that was all fun and well, but you gotta give props to those little grapes growing in the champagne region because, well, it's real tough for those little fellas.
Poor little puny grapes.

I really cheated this month, and brought in some ringers. I feel a little bad because we didn't learn much except for the stuff that I brought from work (for free) was really really good.

We had about 14-15 bottles this time (holy moly!) and they were all drunk blind - i.e. covered in brown bags.
The ratings went like this:

First Place
Dom Perignon vintage 1996
It's hard to argue with the DP and it's tiny bubbles. It also just looks gorgeous. This was the ringer.

This effervesces immediately - you don't even have to swallow
Subtle nose, mineral taste, very drinkable
Weird smell
I would recognize you anywhere
It's good dammit
Really really nice
Perfect. Light.

Second Place
Cuvée Rubis de Noirs Vintage
Aiyee! This was our first duplicate bottle (ever), but it didn't matter because we gladly downed both bottles. It's a fun rosé champagne made from 100% pinot noir and is a really wonderful shade of red.
Just super good
Nice rich nose
Smooth and red
Smells like burnt wood and toasted nuts

Third Place
Moet Chandon White Star
In my book, one of the better all-around champagnes
So very nice
Delicate. Tastes like currants - like it more and more
Salty aroma. Reminds me of cava.
Rich, yeasty nose. Nice bubbles.

Big shout out to Robin & Josh for hosting at their very lovely new pad - it was awesome fun. Thanks a ton. This one was a long time coming.

Sorry for the ringer.

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