Wine Club
Didn't we just do this? Well, yea, we did - but February was screwy and our February wine club got pushed to March which meant that our March was right after the February one.

Thx Tam & John
John and Tamara hosted this wine club and requested that we do Spanish and Portuguese wines - if you are keeping score, you may think, "didn't they already do Spanish wines?"
Yes. We did. But this time it wasn't just red wines. And then there was Portugal as well.
Oh, and I can just make up the rules as we go since I organize it.
So there.

The bounty
I grouped them into three groups:
1. White Spanish
2. Red Spanish
3. Red Portugal
(Unfortunately we had no white wines from Portugal.)

It was great fun. MattyJ and family made an appearance as well as Tamara's mom, aunt, and uncle who were in town. Even though I am like 74 years old, I still have a half-second of, "Oh crap! It's her mom! Hide the beer!" when around someone's mom. Jonathan and Stu popped in, as well as David of Palaver fame.

John whipped up a great pile of snacks and Tamara provided a bag of cheetos.

We drank wine and made notes and finally tallied up all the little cards and declared a winner.
I turned my back for like one second and half the bottles are gone - someone took out the recycling. So, I don't know the name of the wine that won. D'oh. I guess I could back and dig through their trash again.
Yes, again. I dug through it once.

It was a great time nonetheless.
Oh well. So, here goes.

The Results

Mystery wine that is currently unaccounted for
Spanish. Rioja I think.

Articulate. Nice, round.
Clean with notes of wood.
Complex, like science.
Yum. Fragrant. Honestly, it's worth spending the money for the reserve.
Brandy like color.

2002 Quinta Do Alqueve Tradicional
Region: Ribatejo

Strong. Love it.
Smooth. Perfect and dry. Will live out it's day in Casablanca.
Nice and fragrant. Flat finnish. Currants and cherries.
Tastes like it has a lot of alchohol.
I cannot resist it.

Burgans Albarino 2003
Region: Rias Baixas

Bouquet of peach. Nice, with little to say.
Dee-lish. More buttery. White melons.
Crisp. Really really great.

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