Doughiest Star Wars Ever!
I somehow found myself watching a Star Wars fan film. It had fine digital effects, but super klunky dialog and acting - but the thing that really stood out was how doughy real people are compared to movie stars with big budget hair and makeup people and personal trainers.
Doughy Wan Kenobi.

Speaking at a film conference in Las Vegas, Lucas said: "It is a real tearjerker, and it will be received in a way that none of us can expect. I feel that it will be the doughiest Star Wars ever!"

Home Delivery of the NY Times
The NYT is losing it. Today I received a telemarketing call from them on my cell (wait, didn't something like this happen back in 2000?) with some stupid offer (actually, I looked at the details later, and it was pretty bait and switch).
This is my adventure when I tried to contact them and to have our phone number changed on our account...

1. When you try to log in to the customer care site, there is a sub-domain that is used for something. Nonetheless, this subdomain had an expired security certificate and displayed a nice "This Certificate Expired in December" message when trying to access the page.

2. I found the main contact email address and wrote them a fairly polite message (only using the term "newspaper numskulls" twice) - then to find hours later that message got bounced back. The bounced email featured the concise statement: Message probably in a routing loop

3. I got into the account section and after making my changes (and confirming them) was greeted with this message:
We're Sorry
Thank you for updating your account. Unfortunately, we can not complete your request at this time, but will do so within the next 24 hours. Please check back after that time or call 1-800-nytimes to confirm your request has been completed. We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

High Tech!

Credit Ratings
You have to wonder, with all these companies just losing our personal data, will there be some time in the future where we won't worry about credit reports because everyone's will be so bad?

Yay Chuck Schumer
"Westlaw, one of the nation's leading brokers of personal data on millions of Americans said yesterday that it will restrict its sale of individual Social Security numbers amid growing public worries about privacy.

Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) embarrassed Westlaw by holding a news conference last month to demonstrate how easy it was for his staff to use the company's service to obtain virtually anyone's Social Security number, including those of Vice President Cheney and celebrity heiress Paris Hilton."

Westlaw and privacy

Whoa, wait a second
Explain why anyone is selling individual Social Security numbers in the friggin first place?

In a Nutshell @ Cucalorus
Our pal Don's documentary, In a Nutshell, will be featured in this year's Cucalorus film fest in our old stomping grounds in NC. We are going down there to cheer him on.
(he showed it at slamdance this year as well)

The documentary is about a woman named Elizabeth Tashijan who collects nuts and runs a nut museum - she aims "to educate people about the beauty of nuts -- the kind that grow on trees, as well as the misunderstood 'two-legged variety' among us."

Don's website, Mimetic Media, was done by me in a sleep deprived state. Don't look at it in IE on a Mac please.

The Eric Willhelm Message Board on IMDB
Did you know there was a message board on IMDB to discuss fellow roboter and sound-person Eric Willhelm? Well, there is.

What's in the news today
Let's see.
Goths need a PR firm. One thing I can't get behind is stupid high school kids shooting people.

That woman and the feeding tube - good lord this is a sad situation. This news story would be a lot less annoying though if the "choose life" supporters that various news networks interview weren't such pompous, righteous wannabes.

I imagine them all praying while wearing Wham UK-esque "Choose Life" shirts.

USA Next getting sued for their gay marriage ad.... I love this story. USA Next is that spooky retired persons conservative group who put out an ad implying that the AARP was for gay marriage - the idiots used an actual photo stolen from somewhere else. Now the real live couple is suing USA Next.

This had nothing to do with whether gays should be able to marry or whether old people can marry gays or what-not... but the fact that USA Next is so stupid to use someone's personal photo in an ad like that.

Love it.

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