Remember Zip disks?
In 1999, I saved up all my temp job money and bought a SCSI Zip drive - I had to install a SCSI card in my Compaq, which was a real struggle as Compaq never planned on people having to install anything in their computers.

I used them for years, and they were integral to building happyrobot because I could usually fit all the site's files onto one Zip and then carry it with me to work.

Now, it's 2005.
My new computer doesn't have a Zip drive - not that it matters. I haven't needed to use a Zip in years. But, now I have two dozen or so lying around the house and I need to get rid of them.

They are still good - many have barely been used. I don't want to throw them out. So, let's do this...

  • Do you have a zip drive?

  • Do you want 100MBs of random images, movies, and mp3s?

  • Do you want to send me your mailing address?

  • If you answered "Yes" to those questions, I will mail out one zip-disk to the first ten people who request one.

    If you send me a photo of something with "happyrobot" scrawled on it, I will include an extra Zip. Or maybe a CD of stuff.

    Click the CONTACT button and send me your details. The first ten will get a Zip disk of fun.


    Did I ever tell you about the time we got a bunch of free Zip disks that were about to be thrown out? The person at the company said, "Oh, they are old and not working - we don't need them".
    At home, we realized that they all worked.
    Then we realized that they contained all of the company's payroll data.

    Some people make a lot of money.

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