The perfect dining companion
For me, I think it would be someone who had plenty of 1's, 5's, and 10's for when the check came because invariably everyone else will only have 20's that they just got from the ATM.

Good conversation? Oh, that's good - but if they can make change - Ding! We have a winner.

Out of context sentence #284 - an email from a co-worker
She's at ease with everyone so she doesn't understand why I wouldn't be thrilled that she is licking our VP of sales

Just went to the mailbox
Last night I came home from work, took off my work-required jumpsuit and helmet, and changed proverbially and literally into something a bit more comfortable.
I had to mail some CDs (that's a whole other topic. See "I'm bad about mailing" below) and I got to the mail-stuff shoppe and they were, of course, already closed because it was the ungodly hour of 7:15pm.

On the way back, as I was thinking of how I would of done the Star Wars prequels better *AND* at the same time avoiding the crazy guy on the street who was auctioning off how much money people should give him (I see $20, do I see $25...) I then ran into Law and Order's no-bladder-control policeman Mike.
No, Mike's bladder is fine, I suppose. But the cop he plays on L&O apparently is always off taking a pee when they find a body or something.

Mike and I stroll down to sample (where I have taken a lot of you) for prosecco and cheese. Our lady friends eventually meet us and then we go to dinner at the nice Indian place (yes, that one) and the next thing I know it's 10:45 and I am full of food and a little buzzed - and I had just got out to drop some CDs in the mail.

It's fun when you get side-tracked like that and get to hang out with TV cops and our Emmy-nominated spouses.

Oh, then there's work
One of my hats I wear these days is that of project manager for this website. Holy crap. I am about to kill some people.
I have to work with our former parent company, so it's literally me versus:
The huge global former parent company
A huge global IT company
A huge global IT consulting company

great odds, yes?
The site was supposed to launch this past Tuesday. Then it bumped to Thursday. Then Friday. Now next Wednesday.
The thing is, the reasons for the delay are just stupid.
Someone ran out of SSL certificates (I mean, WTF?)
Someone thought that some security test had to be run, but it didn't
Someone thought that there was an issue with the email system
And on and on and on and on.

I am one little skinny dork and I have kept all my target dates. There are like 1000 other people involved who all have these very specific jobs - and no one is on the ball.

Being my friend is a chore as well
What with the sexy and all.

I'm bad about mailing
Recently I had a backlog of things I needed to mail. CDs mainly. But I've just been so busy the past two months that my free time at work has been close to null.
See: IsNull(FreeTimeAtWork)="True"

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