You know
Every six seconds
10 times a minute
600 times an hour
Another cold shower until you give me some.

~ O-town

Robots are going to O-Town
The powers that be here at Cubicle Work Towne have decided to send me to a conference slash infomercial for one of our vendors in Orlando.
Good lord.

I haven't been to the OhTown since I was a pup in high school in the mid 50's. My memories consist of Disney and pavement. Miles and miles of pavement.
Our hotel does have a "lazy river", though. That will be cool, right?

So, I turn to you, dear robot reader. What trouble can sarcastic 30-somethings get into while visiting America's Tourism Capital?
Restaurant recommendations? (I mean, other than "stay in NYC")

Disney recommendations?

Lazy river recommendations?

Oh, Ruth
Lisa posted a review of the new Ruth Reichl book - actually, I think she posted her review minutes after I finished the book.
It's a lovely read. The part where she reminisces about hanging out in the kitchen of the French restaurant as a little girl was just dreamy.
If you haven't read anything by her, I'd start with 'Tender at the bone'.
She makes me want to cook fancy feasts.

MBNA + Working Assets
The little post about MBNA that was on the robot filter last week is still sticking in my craw. Working Assets, although I have never signed up for their phone service, or credit card, or monkey rentals has always seemed like a stand-up little company.
And I assume they still are.

But, it appears to me that the whole point of their card - the fact that every purchase means they donate something to "progressive" causes - is canceled out when the company that handles the cards (and gets your dollars via fees) donates boatloads to non-progressive causes.

Working Assets has donated over $47 million has been raised for progressive causes - since their establishment in 1985 (or a little over 2 million a year).
I can't find a definite figure for how much MBNA has donated to various causes, but from my initial poking around it looks like it will easily be over 2 million a year.

People over at BuyBlue discussed this last month.

Cackle Cackle
I had a run in with someone the other day. The person is an author of a book a good number of you are probably familiar with (and I know some of you have read (or are reading because it's on your bedside table)).

This "run in" I had with this unnamed person was fairly unpleasant - but the good news is it wasn't my fault. Nor was it anyone's fault other than the person who was being unpleasant - yet I became the target of this unpleasantness.

My whole point (there's a point?) is that afterwards I felt actually pretty good about myself. Yes, someone called me on the phone and ranted in my ear for no reason. On the other hand, I'm not such a freak that I yell at random people for no reason.

Viva me.

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