Pesky Bombers
"Officials said the bombing suspects were aged 19-30.."

If I was a TV executive, I'd be worried about these fundamentalists taking my prime demographic.
"How can we take these people's suicide bombing desires and turn them into ratings numbers?!"

Pull his finger
Our college-era pal Devon (aka "Mr. Walsh") has launched a little website and blog (aka "Web Log"). He posted this the other day.
Because I think he still likes me as a person and I doubt he'll sue me - I am liberally quoting him:
Like to be Blue
I have this tendency to enjoy failure a little too much. It's just I'm so damn good at it! Anyway, after I crash and burn with a girl, and I mean seriously - I know it, she knows it, the trucker who picks her up after she jumps out of my car while it's moving knows it - seriously crash and burn, I like to run into her once and a while and say things like, "You smell really nice." One: Because cute girls really like getting compliments from guys like me, and two: somehow, I still don't know what it's like to get pepper sprayed. C'mon, ladies. Throw me a bone.

Praise Cheeseus!
Big ol' props to our pal Jeff (oddly, Devon's college roommate) who suggested we go to Coney Island Friday night. We had dinner in Sheepshead Bay at Randazzo's Clam Bar and it was super good time food yum. It's an old school Brooklyn restaurant that isn't very flashy, but makes up for it with damn good seafood. I had the stuffed shrimp, and also sampled the stuffed lobster (I think it was stuffed with, um, more lobster), the lobster tail (stuffed with lobster), and the king crab legs (stuffed with crab legs).
Oh, and there was melted butter for dipping.

For dessert, we went to Burlesque on the Beach at Coney Island (located in the theatre where they also do the freak show during the day). As a fan of girls and/or boobies and campy fun, I enjoyed the show.
The theme of the night was "cheese" - so many of the ladies covered themselves in cheese-whiz or cheese singles.
It was a fine time. I drank two whole beers.

NSFW Robot
On the Coney Island website, they have a fine collection of images of the burlesque show - check them out: Photographs by Laure A. Leber
(but maybe at home, since there are boobies)

Write in your blog about Nina!
Holy crap. There was this generic twenty-something drunk girl at the show. Her name was Nina.


As we were coming into the theatre, she and her friends were out front downing strange liquids from a thermos. During the show, she was the 'just a bit too loud' voice that provided the dumb-guy commentary. My eyes were rolling so much in response to her comments that they almost.. um, rolled out or something.

My favorite memory of her antics (and what we quoted to each other the next day) was after she helped the emcee swallow a sword (he did), she would then harass this same emcee for the rest of the evening to encourage him to bring her back on stage.

Emcee Guy with Simple Minds looking hair: And up next we have Cheesy Julie and her dance of lactose...

Nina: More sword swallowing with Nina! More sword swallowing with Nina!

I loved it. When I wasn't hating it.
The use of her name in that third person way was the best.

Have you seen that new snazzy subway station / train shed for the Stillwell Avenue stop in Coney Island? It's cool - it's like Europe or something.

Big Changes at Cubicle World
  • My department just shrunk by a third - farewell office neighbor! (it's good. he's moving on.)

  • A branch of my bank is opening up in the lobby of our building

  • The crappy deli that was in lobby suddenly closed up shop

  • (that would make a good tombstone)

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