Italian Sparkling Wine Club
We had a week of crappy, rainy weather here in the big stink - but Saturday and Sunday made up for it (apart from the odd sudden and then disappearing thunderstorm) and I don't think there is a better way it then meeting with fine friends and sipping sparkling wine and munching on various thinly sliced meats.

Ev&Jo hosted. They always throw a good party.
Their son, Cole, was the life of the party with his soul stealing staring contests (no really - this kid just sat on my lap and stared into my eyes as if he was sucking all the knowledge (ha!) and soul (ha!) out of me).

I know this has nothing to do with wine, but we were looking at Cole and thinking, "Who does he look like? His mom? His Dad?"
We were scratching our heads.
Someone then found a photo on the shelf of Evan as a toddler and it was spooky how much they looked alike. Spooky.
So, he looks like his dad - 30 some years ago.

We had a nice turnout. The majority of wines were Prosecco, but there was one Lambrusco, and two or three that were made from chardonnay and/or pinot noir (lovely).
They were all quite nice and the perfect accompaniment to a sunny July afternoon.
Oh! I came across this great map of the vine regions of Italy. Very handy.

First Place
Medici Ermete Lambrusco Solo Reggiano
"Buttery goodness"
"Fantastic, refreshing red"
"lovely lovely lovely"
"You are a total fruit - get naked now"
"Never had anything like this before"
"Beautiful fragment bouquet and yummy light finish"

Second Place
Col Vetoraz Brut Prosecco di Valdobbiadene
"Nice and gentle"
"Kinda shrimpy"
"Yeasty, but a good yeasty"
"Wine is good food"
"Perfect balance between sweet and yeasty"
"Mouthful of effervescence"

Third Place
Miali Chardonnay del Salento
"Wow! Grassy delight!"
"Naturally more complex - very nice"
"Remote and distant, like my father"
"Tart. Puckery"

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