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Quality Fireworks

Proclamations galore
"Life is too short to wear stupid clothes"
I don't really need that blue buttoned down shirt, do I? It's not like I am a banker - I do something with computers.

Shopping I went this weekend.
New shirts were bought.
Stupid shirts will be thrown out.

Happy America Day
Our pals Jack y Raq threw a nice little America-day shindig at their place. Their building is like 500 stories tall and located in downtown Brooklyn with roof access (additionally, their roof is big and spacious).

As it got dark, we migrated up to the roof in anticipation of quality American fireworks. There were already people up there having their own parties, including a guy with a children's style record player spinning fine hip-hop vinyl and running it through a huge boom-box.

I was standing next to TIM's former neighbor Richard, sipping sangria and looking at the view of the city - in the distance I could hear a guitar.

"Where's that other music coming from?" I asked.
"Oh, it's the Mountain Goats - see?" said Richard as he pointed me to the other side of the building.

I looked over the edge, and sure enough, many stories below on top of a parking deck were a crowd of people enjoying a show (part of the Rooftop Film series) by that Mountain Goats guy.

Oh, and the fireworks were great. We could see both the South Street Seaport fireworks and the 34th Street at the same time.
Woo! America!

Weekend points in quick succession
  • We saw Batman Begins the other night at the IMAX theatre near Lincoln Center.
    • If you have the chance to see a movie at this theatre, do it.

    • As MattyJ pointed out, if you get any seat other than the very last row, it will be annoying.

    • I enjoyed the Batmans. Very well done.

    • Katie Holmes' make-up didn't look great on the huge IMAX screen though.

    • Mrs. Robot commented as we left the movie: I bet George Lucas feels stupid now.

  • We had dinner with Tams + Lawton Sunday night. He had called to make reservations at Alma and they told him that they didn't take reservations, nor would you really need them this particular night. So, we then stroll down there and are told that there is an hour wait. WTF.
    We walked around the corner had dinner at the new location of Bouillabaisse, which was super and duper.

  • MattyJ + Jackie invited us to dinner Saturday night. It was our first night out with people who had hired a babysitter. Exciting.

  • Mrs. Robot treated me to dinner at Rosa Mexicano after the Batmans movie. We got a table outside, and it was a lovely evening. I recommend it.

  • I made a milkshake the other day, but didn't have enough ice cream. It was more of a milkyshake. My milkshake didn't attract anyone - not even the cat.

  • I found out about the Mountain Goats show after it was over. I was very angry to have missed it.


    I found out about it from someone I'd had...let's just call it a disagreement, and so I didn't find out until we'd reconciled over many many many drinks.

    »hungover stu ||  7/5/2005 ||  12:56:10 PM
    I also saw batman on Imax.
    »pony ||  7/5/2005 ||  1:36:16 PM
    when we saw the mountain goats about a year ago, I thought he sort of looked like you. but it was dark at the time, so now am not sure about Mr.Mtn Goat and if he is your doppelganger.
    »qdog ||  7/5/2005 ||  2:46:32 PM

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