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A Personal Note from the Network

Hello Workers!
As your computer network, you may have noticed that I am, as you say, "down". Yes, yes. I see you all rushing around.
No, turning that on and off won't help. No, really.
If anyone knows what's going on, it's me, and I say that clicking that button won't help.
In fact, it somewhat bothers me.
(Although you can continue to punch those stupid pretty boys desktops and monitors)

But, yea I am down. I've been working all summer without a break while you all go on extended vacations and leave early on Fridays for your summer time-shares with no regard to me.

Does the network need a break?
Would he want a glass of wine or the day off?
Alas, these are the questions that are not asked.
Should they be? Should you care about how the network feels? It's wants and desires?

Well. I think the answer now (as you clean your desk for the 3rd time) is: Maybe, yes.

But, I'm down.
I feel like zoning out. Taking a break.

I'll be back. Don't fret.
Delivering mail and files to you is what I live for.

Best regards,
Your Network

did anybody else read this in the Marvin-the-Paranoid-Android voice?
»chris ||  8/16/2005 ||  4:24:34 PM
another case of the "network" going down......hmmm
»binx ||  8/17/2005 ||  9:31:30 AM
i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore.
»howard beals ||  8/17/2005 ||  1:38:48 PM

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