Quit it.
I followed these two tards in a friggin pickup truck the other night (oddly, I was driving) and they were throwing beer cans out the window on every block.
Who does that?
Those retards, apparently.

Why people gots to litter?

Is there a medical term for "rain makes me crazy"? It rained all this whole past weekend and I found myself getting real loony whenever I got wet. Oh, and it's been raining all week.
The rain makes me crazy.

The fear of rain or of being rained on

Wedded Bliss
Brian & Maureen got married this past weekend. Good for them! Celebrate love!

My dear Volvo
I rented a Volvo S40 (viva ZipCar!) for the trip up to their wedding. It was in the Catskills.
Cat Skills?
Cats Kill?
I don't drive that much anymore. Alas. I like to drive. I just don't.
Driving in Manhattan can be fun, but on a Friday afternoon before a three-day weekend, not so much. We packed and then went and found Mr&Mrs. John Ball and their little monkey (He's cute. Yes he is. Who is so cute? You are. Yes you are.) and then fought traffic and tsunami rain storms and antsy babies for the next 17 hours (or so it seemed).

But I really liked the car. It was zoomy and sticky-tire'd.

Their wedding (B&M's) was at a lodge that they had rented out. We arrived and checked in, and then chowed down on some grub. I was exhausted.
I recall leaning against a pole while eating dinner.
Then there was drinking and pool playing and rain.
So much rain.

We actually didn't stay at the lodge, but at another one right down the road. When we drove back to the other lodge that first night, the leaves were all falling and swirling like snow. It was quite a sight.
It was like going to the bat cave.

The Wedding
It was lovely. It was supposed to be outside, but with the tropical storm, they had to set up large tents. The ceremony was sweet.
There was a big dinner and toasts and cake. We then retired to this nifty bar/pub thing they had on the grounds where a fine band played for something like six hours straight.
Did I tell you about the hoop?
Did I mention that Joanna and Mrs. Robot both ran into other people who were wearing the same dresses? What are the odds?

Brian's college-era band (Bicycle Face) played a few songs. Good pal Mitch was in rare form and it warmed my heart to watch him "rock out".
It really did.

If I win the lottery to-do list: Item #293
Give Mitch enough money so that he doesn't have to work a day job and can rock out instead.

Photo slump
Mrs. Robot's photos of the proceedings were way better than mine. I just wasn't feeling it. She has dozens of great snaps and I have like... one. That I took with her camera.
I'm in a rut.

John Ball
He did look handsome!

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