Look at me! Internets meme!

In his off hours, Rich likes to spend time with his wife and three sons.
Ah, yes. My dear sons Stu, Stuart, and Stübber. Spending time with them is the highlight of my day. And who doesn't like to spend time with my wife?! I know sailors do!
As well as our lawn boy.
And Paul.

Rich likes to refer to himself as "Eric Seibel's lacky".
Eric needs to shut the hell up.

Rich likes to incorporate humor into his radio work and has used various impersonations of celebrities on his program
That is totally true!
I like incorporating impersonations of famous celebrities in all my broadcasts. I find that it keeps things "Fresh" and "Hip".
For instance, last night's episode I did a great bit where I went to a party and hung out with Burt Lancaster, Van Heflin, and the beautiful Jacqueline Bisset!!
It was hilarious-ness!

Rich likes to fly his airplane around the country and meet the people who make America unique
What the really means is that I like to fly my plane around and buzz playgrounds and scare children.
See you in hell, swingsets!!

Rich likes to mix algorithm development with applications work to insure that the methods he developes really work in practice
No kidding.
Of course by "algorithm development" I mean "rye whisky" and by "applications work" I mean "vermouth"

As Mr. Rich likes to say: "13 year-olds...UNITE!"
OK. This is a big lie.
13 year-olds do not need to unite. They need to remain seated and be quiet. I have a headache.

In his spare time Rich likes to golf, run, work in the yard at home and watch the Lady Griz kick butt
Golf is funny. Everyone in my family plays/played golf. Dad. Mom. Grams. Granddad. Uncle. Brother. Aunt. Mazzy.
Everyone but me.
It just never happened. I will say that George and I use to sled the hell out of the golf course in the winter time, but that's not quite the same.
"what do you recommend for this hole?"
"orange plastic sled"

As far as watching Lady Griz kick butt, who doesn't?! Bears rule!

Rich likes to include a question about China or Hong Kong
Hong Kong. Questions.
That reminds me of Ronald. Our lovely co-worker from Hong Kong back in the heady dot-com era.
He sure asked some questions.
"Were there girls at your college?"
"How many times a day to you brush your teeth?"

True: He was once chased back to the school bus by a pack of monkeys on Monkey Mountain (in HK)

Rich likes to use natural lighting and high ceilings to open up the building and provide a more welcoming atmosphere
And by "natural lighting and high ceilings" they of course meant "go-go girls and cocktails"

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