Ode to September
Which month is the greatest month?

You are the thinking man's August.

Easily the best month in NYC. I'll miss your moderate temps, beautiful blue skies, stunning sunsets, cool evenings and sunny afternoons.
I'll miss the cool day followed by the hot day.

I miss you already.
Stupid October.

October is good for one thing
MattyJ's birthday was on the second.
Sunday we went to Mexican Radio with a bunch of people to celebrate. It was a good time, apart from the fact that I almost killed myself overeating.
No purses were stolen.

Last week, for class, I had to do a little presentation for my study group regarding vineyard pests.
If you have any questions about mildew or fungus or mites or leafhoppers - let me know.
My brain is chock full.

Apparently, if you have a baboon issue in your vineyard, lion dung works quite well.

Paper Crazy
I mentioned a while ago that I was looking for notebooks and paper for my class. Two weeks later, I kind of still am.

My question to the internet (i.e. you):

Where the hell do you find decent three-ring filler paper that doesn't look like junior high school stuff??

I want heavy weight.
I don't want dark blue, glowing lines like the crap at Staples.
I don't want crap.

OK. Stop here if you don't want to read anymore about notebooks.

Levenger on the cheap
It's funny how you stumble onto things that people are nutty passionate about that you didn't know existed until recently.

A former co-worker and current classmate of mine uses the cool Levenger notebooks that I raved about earlier. Something about these books makes that little 'guy/geeky' thing in me ache.
Ache in a way the iPhone wishes it could make me ache.

She sits next to me in class and I look at her book and how organized it is and how clever the pages quietly are taken out and moved around.
How secure and snug they look.
I may move across the classroom just so I don't have to look at her notebook.

Last week I sort of freaked out about paper and spent an inordinate amount of time looking at paper things on the web. Mrs. Robot made some comment to the effect of "if you spent the same amount of energy looking up notebook information as you did for the actual class blah blah".
Side note
#1 This is probably my brain still protesting against the study thing
#2 Her comment was similar to something her mother said to her once about "If you spent the same amount of energy on math as you do on learning lyrics to Duran Duran songs blah blah blah"

OK. The point.
The point is that I came across countless websites where people passionately discussed paper and journals and ink - something I never really thought about until now (and really, there is a website for pretty much any hobby/interest on the web). These people are the crazy for the paper.

The other point is that the Levenger products are awfully pretty and clever, but many people find them expensive. You can do it on the cheap by starting with the Rollabind books that they sell at Staples (Staples: home of the ugliest website in the worlds). Rollabind, from what I understand, is the manufacturer that Levenger buys from.

Note that the Staples version isn't nearly as attractive and the paper isn't awesome, but it's a good introduction.

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