The Vendys
3:21pmThis past Saturday, Mrs. Robot got us tickets for the Vendy Awards – “the annual celebration of the best of New York City street food”.
It was a great fun, but it was a tough day.

A lot of eating. A lot of beer & wine drinking. A lot of standing around.
Whew. The Vendys are not for the light of constitution.

These were the final five at the Vendys…

Fauzia’s Delights (The Bronx)
They did a jerk chicken. It was good, but I am not sure it fell into the “award winning jerk chicken” category. Then again, I don’t eat a ton of jerk chicken.
The bad: They were out of collard greens.
The good: They had awesome banana pudding

Biriyani Cart
The highlight here is their ‘Kati’ roll full of spicy goodnees. It’s kind of a india’s version of the burrito. Kind of. Mrs. Robot liked it, but said there are better. I thought it was super tasty and voted it as my favorite.
One thing I learned from the little bio that every vendor had was that country & western music is huge in Bangladesh and the chef’s favorite performer was Kenny Rogers.

Kwik Meal
We never made it to this one.

Soler Dominican (Brooklyn)
Pupusas! Corn meal cakes stuffed with stuff! Delicious. Served with plantains. These were pretty awesome.

Calexico Carne Asada
The longest line and the most popular with the white kids. They were doing a tamale with mole, shrimp quesadilla, and tacos. It was very good and I was excited to hear that they are opening a restaurant in Brooklyn soon.
They won the competition.

Where's Mrs. Robot?

Marching Band
Apart from the eating and drinking, the other highlight was seeing the Rude Mechanical Orchestra. They marched into the main tent and performed for about twenty minutes.
They were awe.

Friday: Nobu
So, we ate well this weekend.
Friday night we celebrated JackiePony’s birthday at Nobu. It was a grand to-do and we all had a swell time.
Being the landmark that is it, Nobu’s menu doesn’t seem to have changed in at least four years (the last time I was there). And their sushi is still their weakest part.
That said, it is still very good, and their hot and cold dishes (even though they are very much copied by everyone else) are all very delicious. We ate well.

Holy crap! I am “blogging” about watching TV! Awesome!

Recently we have been enjoying the very well put together American Experience “Presidents” series on PBS. We’ve watched the Reagan and Carter ones so far (and the DVR just recorded the LBJ one). If you haven’t seen these, they are really well done and comprehensive looks at our presidents. And sexy!

In other TV news, I am finding myself becoming very hostile to anyone who mentions granite counter-tops and stainless steel appliances on the show “House Hunters”.
Holy crap! What is up with that? People are like zombies for that shit.
“granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances… granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances… braaaaains… granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances… “

"Help us Suzanne Whang!"
Is what Mrs. Robot and I say when we are bumping into each other in our small bathroom.


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