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What is up with the Chinese food and drinking this week?

What is up with the Chinese food and drinking this week?
Of course, if I lived in China, I’d be all like, “what is up with all this food and drinking?”
It’s been a good week for the eating of the Chinese food and the drinking of the wine.


Mrs. Robot Birthday

Birthday!Saturday we had a little dinner to honor Mrs. Robot on her 21st birthday. Or 30th. Or something. I forget. We went down to Yee Li, which I have become a fan of for a number of reasons:
- A guy named Richard runs it
- Their Cantonese lobster and crab extravaganza
- Their Peking duck

Birthday!We had a great dinner and were probably there a little too long. If you look at the photos, you’ll notice that our dinner also included a delicious Cantonese clothes pin.

Afterwards we went to a bar down on East Broadway that was perfect. They had an awesome band and a fish named Jeff. It may have gotten out of hand.

What was funny was that when we finally got home at some ungodly hour I am there in kitchen getting my glass of water and Tylenol. I open the cabinet, fish out the Tylenol and take two.

The next morning I awake hungover with a tremendous headache. In the kitchen I notice that there is another bottle of Tylenol on the kitchen table.
“Where’d this Tylenol come from?” I ask.
“I left it out for you last night”, Mrs. Robot replies.
It turns out that the Tylenol in the cabinet (aka Cabinetol) wasn’t Tylenol at all, but a recycled container that she kept her lactose intolerance medicine in.
Damn. So, I was out with a headache, but I was all good for dairy.

Winemaker Chinese
Last night, our pal Irene organized a dinner with the winemaker at the company she works for (trivia: this winemaker happens to make my mothers favorite wine). We went to Grand Sichuan on the west side which is our usual hangout – even though they charge a corkage fee for wine. Tasty food.
I love their soup dumplings and smoked tea duck. I also love everything else – including this dish which is basically spicy bacon. Oh, and the whole fish. And we can’t forget the tripe and tongue. Spicy.

Everyone brought Rieslings and crazily many were from the 1990’s. I brought a 1997 Prum (with the little dots over the “u”) that was a Kabinett (the term for the driest Rieslings) and I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but the guest of honor liked mine the best.
Win! Take that other Rieslings!
Ah, tiny victories.

Meet Jeff

i love a riesling. and stir fried clothes pins. yum.
»lisa ||  3/24/2010 ||  8:25:01 AM

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