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I have not ironically rejected rejections in a long time. Maybe I should sell the concept to the Cheezburger Network folks as they seem to buy just about anything. We could call it FAIL LOVE. Or I CAN HAS HEARTBREAK?
So, for all the countless new reader(s), these stories are compiled from the "Love Stinks" feature here on happyrobot. I built this years ago (before many of you were born) and it had a good run of entertaining stories of love sucking. But in the past couple of years, it's been slowly filled with badly spelled and painfully written stories that aren't clever or funny or entertaining in any way. They get rejected, which is of course is the ironic part.
Enjoy these mostly awful love stories. That are awful.

love at first sight
Short Attention Span Summary: Threw!
i thought this boy like me and then when i wasn't looking he kissed another girl.he told me that was a lie and said that i was cheating on him.so i said "you know what we are threw."

Short Attention Span Summary:  Seriously. If you don't hold his hand, he will yell at you in front of your family. In a restaurant!
He was in the army so we spent as much time together as possible,and i waited around back home for him totally devoted.First time we argued was because i never held his hand one day and he went nuts,callin me a f**kin a**hole in front of my son my mother and my grandmother in a restaurant.

25 dumped by 50 year old
Short Attention Span Summary: 25 yr old boys everywhere are slapping their foreheads. On so many levels, it's all so stupid.
I am a 25 year old girl who just was dumped by a 50 year old arrogant man and am left broken hearted.
I knew it wasn't ever going to really last, I mean an emotionally cold 50 year old who doesn't ever want to get married again but it still hurts so badly.. I didn't realize it would hurt this bad and I'm angry at myself for letting it get to this point. I realize I was his "trophy" he went after and gotten and when he was done with me and had the next young girl to move onto, I was put out like the trash he takes out every tuesday morning.

dupmed for a stuipd reason
Short Attention Span Summary: Rejected by spelling class.
my boyfreind dumped me cause i always get really mad when he flirts with other girls in front or behind my back . but i say i geuss he wasnt a real man. or juat not the right one for me. even though he was my first love in a realtion ships .

New Math Girl
Short Attention Span Summary: I think that the great and under appreciated band Rebar did a song titled "New Math Girl". I'll check on that. I am not sure what the title has to do with this story. Also, I suspect the writer is really young.
My story starts like this not that long ago i hooked up with this guy we were together for about two months or three he never really asked me out or asked me to be his girlfrien we went along with it and talked for those three months but things started getting pretty weird he was never home busy or someone else was on the phone his mom liked me and i loved him and i got along with his family he never was able to return my phone calls so i stoped calling he was not capable of ever calling me back to see what happened i could of been dead and he wouldn't of known well we never talked about our relationship so we never knew what we had months later i run in to him things are nerve wrecking and i found out he still had fellings for me BUT he decided to move on while i sat there still in love with him that was the worst experiance i ever had.

Gabe v. Kenny
Short Attention Span Summary: She had me a "Kenny". That is good, because otherwise she pretty much lost me on everything else.
The boy I thought I was in love with "Gabe" cheated on me with my best friend. He lied to me and blamed me and said I did'nt trust him. I felt stupid for accusing him and said sorry. Later after he went to jail he told me he did cheat on me. He begged me to forgive him and said he would never hurt me again and that he was in love with me. He asked me to marry him. A few months later we started hanging out with his best friend "kenny" and kenny's girlfriend "Mary". Suddenly Gabe and Mary started calling eachother bestfriends and hanging out alone, Gabe began lying to me and saying he wanted Mary to break up with Kenny. I was hurt and confused by this and told him to stop seeing Mary alone without me or Kenny. Both Gabe and Mary refused and started getting very defensive and protective of eachother. They switch materials one day and started wearing eachother's stuff. I was angry at this and tried to explain to both of them that their behavior was wrong. A few weeks later Gabe dumped me.

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