The domestic house cat is a popular animal to live with. Not prone to excessive violence, soft fur, and usually quite friendly - they are the perfect companions to many people.
I have a cat. His name is Gary.

Everyone likes dogs. Dogs are not only loyal companions, but they can also assist humans: helping the blind, search and rescue, and security.
I once had a dog named One-Spot.

Sure, I like goat cheese, but not enough to live with a goat. They are trouble! Don't turn your back on a goat! It's not that they will ram you with their little goat horns, but they will probably take the opportunity to get into some sort of complicated mischief. Often involving chickens.
Did I mention their crazy eyes?
I used to have two goats: Tululah and Mr. Tin-Can.

Who doesn't want to have a donkey and then get him a little straw hat to wear? People who don't want a donkey that wears a straw hat are crazy.
Our donkey is named Theo.

Mountain Lion
Lousy pets for many reasons. Where to start? They don't like to cuddle. They can't be housebroken. When they jump on you, they go for your neck. They spend all day stalking you and your family (and your goats). They do not get along with donkeys or mules.
We had a mountain lion. Her name was Sally.
(Not to be confused with Roary)

Lovely animals, but only usually when you are abandoned in the woods by your stupid parents (Mr. & Mrs. Abandon with Wolves). If you try to approach them as an adult, they are quite standoff-ish, but they are totally cool if you are a tiny child that was abandoned in the woods.
Wolves are awesome.

Box Jellyfish
Did I say that mountain lions made lousy pets? I'd take a crate full of mountain lions over a single box jellyfish.
Who gets a box jellyfish as a pet? They suck. They will also kill you (and/or your neighbor (who should not have been in the garage in the first place)).

Small Lizards
I think they are technically known as anoles. I used to keep a few of them around. They'd attach to my shirt and ride around all day. Once I was showing my lizard to a young lady (aw yes) and the lizard (I forget which one it was) jumped up and chomped her nose. He has no teeth, but he just grabbed on and hung there for a few seconds. What I don't remember is what the young lady did the whole time? Did she scream? I don't remember. I think I was laughing so hard because she had a lizard hanging from her nose.

Hermit Crabs
They kind of smell funny.

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