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Nature is freakin' noisy
As I have mentioned before, I live in a somewhat noisy part of the city, in parts due to clubs, in other parts due to soccer fans.

When we went to stay by the beach in oaxaca, I was pretty sure that we would have blissful silence and deep country sleeps. I was mistaken.

What we experienced from our open-to-nature room, however, had us grumpily inserting earplugs at three in the morning:

Dogs barking at each other across the valley
A cacophony of tropical birds, including one whose call sounded like "redrum, redrum!"
Roosters. They do not crow just a sunrise. They sound off insane, urgent coocooricooos all night.
A large lizard living in our roof beams that made three clicks in a row that sounded distinctly like someone tap-tap-tapping at the door.
A new litter of yappy puppies down the hill.
The odd, plaintive bleat of a goat.

This, added to the drowsy horns of classic mexican radio music deep into the night.

Nature, for your information, is not silent.

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