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Pony Undercover
I brought my own dill-pickle-flavoured crispy minis today. I have no idea how chris barry doesnt' scarf them all in one sitting.

Last night Britney Spears announced to Letterman that she was expecting baby #2. Since when did Letterman become a safe place to reveal personal information? He used to be shocking and irreverent and mean. How the meanies have mellowed.

Last night was a big night of celebration. Mia passed her first comprehensive PHD exams (aka: "comps"). David wrapped his short film and celebrated his birthday. Mia's friend bought a house. We ate rich tiramisu and drank Keith's at "It's Not a Deli" (who gave over the whole venue to the celebrants).

On the way home on our bikes we saw a guy on our street behaving suspiciously - it looked like he was trying to break into a house, walking all crouched down up the front stairs and and fiddling with the lock. We did a couple of circuits up and down the street, and he seemed to notice us, abandon the door, and started casing cars. Maybe he was just wasted, but we called the cops. If he was a thief, he sure wasnt' good at disguising it.

And I am on a narc streak or something, cuz this morning I saw someone in our work parking lot behaving suspiciously. She was mixing bottles of water together and throwing them on the building. I alerted security who, when he approached her, was told that the water was holy water and she was anointing the building.

It's Springtime. Bring out the crazies.
And the bum cleavage on bikes. They have not made pants any higher this year, but the shirts are mysteriously longer.

Oh, and Elana and I are trying out a yoga place for the second time. Our first tiem there on Saturday was taught by a great teacher, but the class had fiercely strong dancers and sweaty, intense yoga-men. I felt like such a clod. Everyone had mastered that freaky-loud ujahi breathing, too. After the class, this silver head dude addressed me and Elana with "Welcome to the World....". I should report him.

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