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smells like teens
Tonight we have our final tutor night - it's a wrap party.
We go the arcade, eat bad cheese pizza, and play video games. Something about a room of 12-14 year olds...smells

When I was a kid my best friend went through puberty a few months before I did. She started in the fall, I started in the spring. And by started, I mean started to stink.

My best friend would get nervous, as she was a bit shyer than I was. As soon as there were boys around, her face would start to glisten, especially her upper lip, her eyes would dilate, and the stank would start. My mother, who drove her places, would gag through car rides with her as a passenger. But no one ever said anything. It took her months to sort it out.

One day, months later, we were sitting around the kitchen table and i had come back from a bikeride or something, and I'll never forget how my mom and sis started to sniff.
"It stinks in here. I think it's you."
I froze. It had started. In my family, we never really discussed the bloom of puberty.

In my family, all big tragedies and triumphs were met by a car trip to the drugstore for appropriate supplies.

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