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by Eve
Thursday, October 30, 2003

that is just masking the true evil of the mistake

I believe I have purchased something that channels or is a direct conduit to the Devil.
It began innocently enough with a quick trip into the running store for some arch supports, a peruse of the sale rack, pick up some Gu...and there they were, so prettily colored and high tech fabric-ed; just what I had been looking for, save the logo. And what a logo it is.

The swoosh. I believe it is trademarked and copyrighted.

And evil.

This marks the very first time I have purchased anything from the Company.

I've worn the lovely salmon colored lightweight visor a total of two times since I purchased it, months ago. It performs fabulously… really. I don't even know that I'm sweating when I wear it nor does it actually feel like I am wearing anything on my head. But, the thing is, it really freaks me out. Are people staring at me more? I feel Horrible. I question the purchase, and questioned it at the time, too. I just can't wear it.

That established, now what do I do? I can't have this object of my contradictory nature pointing shame at me from every angle. But maybe I should. Would that be better? Or would it be better to fly to a nation in sub-Saharan Africa and bestow the bloody cap on an unsuspecting youth who could use it as currency? I just don't know.

I have occasionally contemplated sewing something over the logo but think that is just masking the true evil of the mistake.


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