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Update: Post-Traumatic Dating Disorder (PTDD)

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  :: update: post-traumatic dating disorder (ptdd) ::
by T.A.

Last August, I was totally fed up with dating. I was all set to go on a dating hiatus because I kept ending up with all these freaks and losers and thought maybe I was sending out a weird vibe. Then 9/11 happened. My office had no phones for a few weeks and I had lots of time at work. And I wasn't having any of that disaster sex. So instead of worrying about terrorism, the loss of the 2/3, the awful burning smell near my office, anthrax, and how we've become a nation of flag-waving warmongers, I posted my first web personal and emailed random guys on the Internet all day long. It got kind of insane. But it definitely kept my mind off all the other stuff. I had to make a little chart with each guy's website name and his real name so I could remember who I was emailing. And of course, I went on a lot of dates, but they all basically sucked. Just as the dates petered out, I became a chic victim of the New New Economy and got laid off. Then I went on a blind date and really liked the guy. We dated for about a month and then he started blowing me off and then dumped me. Now I have a new job, but I need more dates! :)

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