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This was the worst date I ever went on. This was even worse than shrub. This was a brunch date. I will never go on a brunch date again. This was a horrible date because he was kind of cute, really smart, culturally literate, a high school English teacher, and seemed like someone I would really like. But he was an asshole and clearly decided within 5 minutes of meeting me that he wasn’t interested and didn’t have the courtesy to not show it. He was one of those people who starts arguments for the sake of arguing. We started arguing about sports of all things. I don’t play sports. I said I liked watching figure skating. I do. He said that wasn’t a sport forcing me to argue about it with him. This was annoying. Then he started to yawn uncontrollably. I was mortified. He said he had gone jogging that morning and it made him really tired. This has happened to me after jogging, but I mean get another fucking cup of coffee. After the date, he shook my hand and said, “we should do this again sometime.” Kill me.

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