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I didn't actually meet him on line. He's the coworker of a close friend of mine who I met when I went out with her and her work friends. We didn't exchange numbers that night but I figured I'd run into him at another event or something. But the next Monday I get an email from him through the dating website addressed to my real name rather than my pseudonym.

Apparently, he was on the same site and came across my picture. Scary! So we had a great first date. We saw a really funny movie, went to a nice restaurant and then headed off for a nightcap. He kissed me on an East Village street corner and we made out for a while before I hopped in a cab. It was very cute.
He emailed the next day and said, "I'm wearing an awfully large smile today." I knew we didn't have that much in common but it seemed at least sort of promising. Our second date was the night before I was going on vacation. Since I was packing, it was easier for him to just come over. So right after we have sex, he gets stricken with a migraine and has to leave my house immediately.

It was kind of freaky. Worried that he was a big freak, I consulted a physician about this and she said that people prone to migraines can develop them after a passionate encounter. So beware out there! Anyway, we hung out the night I got back from vacation. I was jet-lagged and really out of it and he had had a bad day at work. And we had nothing to talk about. We went back to my house, but the spark wasn't really there. Then after several days, he calls to say that his ex is back in town and he's "really confused" and thinks "we should put things on hold for a while." He did tell me, as a consolation of sorts, that he think I'm "really great." Why do people say that? Could he use more cliches? I wasn't into him anymore at this point, but he ended the conversation with "well, that was fun" which caused me about 45 minutes of angst.

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