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The Yogi was the second guy I met in a bar. Am I starting to turn into one of those women who picks up guys in bars? But I not going on any more blind dates!!!! They suck so badly. I was at a bar on Avenue C with people who are affiliated with this web site. I was sitting at the bar sort of spacing out for a minute and noticed this cute guy sitting next to me drinking a beer by himself. We started chatting. He’s not really a Yogi, but did live in an ashram for while. Now he doesn’t live anywhere and is staying with his brother. His business card has a million occupations on it. One of them is “geographer.” The only thing I know about geography is that it’s the blue pie piece in trivial pursuit and I often get those questions right. I asked him what that means. He said “geography is a state of mind.” I said, “give me a fucking break.” He said something traveling and understanding the connection between the culture of a place and how the land is structured. Hmmm....Of course he’s a nice Jewish boy from Long Island. Aren’t all the yogis? Yogi and I dated for a while. Then he had to leave town for work. Fortunately, I was already sick of him by then. Then today I got an email from him that said the following: “anyway, wanted to tell you thank you for you and for helping make my stay in NYC so perfect. oh, and by the way, you've upped the standard for coolness of jewish women. they are usually really retarded, but you're awesome.” I really, really did not make this up.

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