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Update: Post-Traumatic Dating Disorder (PTDD)

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  :: the dodge ::
I feel kind of bad about this one. A good friend from college set me up. He was the brother of her friendís boyfriend. He was really nice and we had stuff to talk about. I wanted to like him, but I just didnít. He kissed me on the cheek after the first date. We went on a second date. It was a really cold winter night. We went to a movie in my neighborhood (the much maligned Upper West Side). He walked me home. It was so cold, I felt I had to invite him in. But I didnít want to, you know, send the wrong message. Anyway, it was time for him to go and he leans in to kiss me and I uncontrollably turn my head to the side to dodge the kiss which ends up landing somewhere between my nose and my ear. Ouch.

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