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Update: Post-Traumatic Dating Disorder (PTDD)

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What else do you do at weddings? Well, I had never done this at a wedding before. It was the wedding of a high school friend. This guy went to my high school too. He was into guitar but in that pimply-faced high school guy way. He probably liked Phish a lot. We werenít really friends then. Heís a musician now. And his complexion seemed cleared up. The wedding was at a Quaker retreat, very rural, with lots of fields and ponds. A bunch of us went skinny dipping after the wedding. The Quakers didnít allow alcohol on the premises so we were swigging coffee vodka out of a plastic bottle by the pond. Somehow, me and wedding guy ended up in someoneís black SUV sans vetements hiding from other wedding guests who were wandering around with flashlights. But he has a girlfriend and lives in San Francisco. We email.

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