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The first day I posted my ad, I was so excited to be getting responses that I wrote back to everyone. This guy was an Upper West Side Jewish Literary Agent whose picture wasn't that cute, but it was taken from far away and was blurry so you couldn't really see what he looked like. (NOTE: When someone uses a picture that is taken from far away and is blurry, the person probably isn't very cute).

Anyway, he suggested we meet that night since we live in the same neighborhood. Intrigued by the spontaneity, I agreed. While we were making plans, he somehow revealed that he was a Republican and asked if that would be a problem. Given his pedigree, I asked him if he was kidding. He wasn't. Oops.

It felt too awkward to cancel at that point, I mean, what's one hour of my life worth anyway. As expected, he was pretty dweeby, but surprisingly into me despite my hard-core liberal views. At the end of date, he asked if I wanted to go out again and I bravely told him that "I really liked talking to you, but don't think it's going to work out." And we parted ways. Then he emailed me to see if I could set him up with any of my friends. What chutzpah.

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