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  :: the absolute worst date ever ::
This guy was, of course, cute. I wrote to him first and we had some flirtatious email dialogue. Somewhere in our correspondence in which I revealed that I was a lawyer, he commented that the worst thing about 9/11 was all the lawsuits that were going to come from it. THAT's the worst thing???!!!!? I should have canceled the date right there. But I guess I love to be tortured.
So in the "what do you do" part of the evening, I revealed that I did employment law, specifically discrimination cases. Lucky for me, discrimination lawsuits are at the top of his list for things that are wrong with the world and if people would just pick themselves up by their bootstraps, we would be a lot better off. It's the civil rights laws that cause all the problems because it gives an excuse for every disgruntled worker to sue their bosses.
I wish I were making this up, because it's so heinous, but I'm not. Then he said that he wouldn't hire people of color because if he fired them, they could sue him!!!!! THAT'S illegal too, you racist loser!!!!! (I didn't say it like that).
Anyway, we kept drinking and I hadn't eaten and got drunker and drunker and angrier and angrier. I tried to leave at one point and he insisted that I not leave on such bad terms. So I gave in for another hour of torturous arguing and then finally fled for a cab. I got into the cab and started sobbing about the pathetic-ness of it all. At least the cab driver was nice.

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