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Robert Frost

Class of 2000

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Update: Post-Traumatic Dating Disorder (PTDD)

The Republican

The Deceiver

The Absolute Worst Date Ever

Mr. Migraine

Little Side Burn Guy

The Hanger On


Smelly Cat

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No Socks Guy

The Shrub



the yogi

Mr. Playoffs

the dodge

the yawner


the wedding guy

The 40 Year-old Orthopedic Surgeon


Philosophy Guy

Spanking the Yogi

  :: skeletor ::
Skeletor did something with finance, Latin American banks, lending them money, something like that. Another family friend set up. Back in my radical college days, I was really into Latin American politics, went to Nicaragua, learned Spanish, the whole bit. Probably why I was set up with him. His parents were hippies in Berkeley. He was not. The first time he called me was on Sunday night at 9PM and he was at work. Not a good sign. There is nothing that notable to say about Skeletor other than that he looked like he had been under a rock for 5 years.

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