:: part 3 ::

Robert Frost

Class of 2000

:: part 2 ::

Update: Post-Traumatic Dating Disorder (PTDD)

The Republican

The Deceiver

The Absolute Worst Date Ever

Mr. Migraine

Little Side Burn Guy

The Hanger On


Smelly Cat

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No Socks Guy

The Shrub



the yogi

Mr. Playoffs

the dodge

the yawner


the wedding guy

The 40 Year-old Orthopedic Surgeon


Philosophy Guy

Spanking the Yogi

  :: the deceiver ::
After the Republican, I decided to take matters into my own hands and write to people myself. I actually found some cute ones. The Deceiver's ad made him seem British, which I thought was sexy.
He was a perfectly nice guy, if a little immature (although older than me). However, not only was he neither British nor sexy, but he looked NOTHING LIKE HIS PICTURE and was not the least bit attractive. I was duped!

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