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My college boyfriend set me up with undeclared. My college boyfriend is married now. Not that it makes a difference, but it makes it a little less weird that he setting me up on dates. Actually I set him up with the last woman he dated before meeting his wife. And, that woman once set me up with her ex, who eventually became my boyfriend for 2 ˝ years. Weird, huh? Anyway, he described undeclared as very good looking. After the intro emails, we decided to meet at a favorite bar of mine in the East Village. Undeclared was very good looking. And very well-dressed. Beautiful blue eyes. He was also a grad student. In political theory, which is right up my alley. We had plenty to talk about. But then he started talking about how he had all these gay friends. That he had considered whether he was attracted to men. And although he had thought about it a lot, he just wasn’t. Great. I did go to a super progressive liberal arts college where experimenting with your sexuality was practically a graduation requirement. But it is still a weird topic to bring up on a blind date.

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