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Update: Post-Traumatic Dating Disorder (PTDD)

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I met Philosophy Guy at a party given by a law school friend. He is also a grad student. Maybe I should avoid grad students. But they are more interesting than bankers and lawyers. Although I am a lawyer myself, I am a cool lawyer. Anyway, my friend had mentioned Philosophy Guy to me before so I was prepared. As soon as she pointed him out to me, I boldly sidled right up to him. We hit it off. He had this infectious smile that made me blush. Sigh. He called me the next day. We had a great first date, ending up salsa dancing in the wee hours. He even bought me a rose from one of those guys on the street. But Philosophy Guy lived in New Jersey. This isnít necessarily a problem but it makes it harder to schedule things. Spy had a term for this- G.E (Geographically Easy) and G. N.W.I. (Geographically Not Worth It) (like Bayonne, he said). I lived two blocks from Spy so I was clearly G.E. But I wasnít going to dump Philosophy Guy because he lived in the loser state. I even took the PATH train for the first time in my life. My friend had mentioned that Philosophy Guy had recently broken up with someone. I didnít really think about it. But at a VERY inappropriate moment on our second date, he informed me that they had been together for like two years and that she had cruelly dumped him three weeks ago. So after his little freak out, he blew me off for a while, forcing me to break up with him. This sucks.

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