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Update: Post-Traumatic Dating Disorder (PTDD)

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  :: 25 ::
I met 25 at a college alumni event. I never date younger guys. I am older than 25. Not much older, but enough older to make it weird. Fine, I am 29. But I am 29 going on 22. Not in maturity level, but I try to party the same way I did when I was 22. But I canít stay out as late now, or drink as much. He is 25 going on 40. Heís already thinking about getting a house in the suburbs. Anyway, 25 was really sweet. He really liked me. He made me dinner. He brought me flowers. And I dissed him. I told him I was really stressed out by work and some family issues (both are true) and couldnít deal with dating (not true). But it seemed less mean than saying Iím not the least bit attracted to you. But it is kind of lame. I am mean.

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